Preparing for Your Baby’s Birth


The delivery date approaches prompting anxiety:

What should go into my hospital bag?

Is the nursery suitable?

Will I remember everything about caring for a baby when I am at home alone?


I have practical advice to address all your concerns. I can also provide a welcome home service and a follow up consultation the next day, whatever you need to put you at ease.


Managing Fatigue


When you are exhausted and feel overwhelmed:

Together we will pinpoint simple measures to adopt every day which can be incorporated into your daily routine to create rest time for you.  We can evaluate your workload at home, encourage you to rest at the same time your baby is asleep, consider your use of technology, and remember the importance of taking a stroll outside from time to time.


At each consultation we can review your situation and adapt our approach to meet the changing needs of you, your baby and your family.




Have you found that breastfeeding is not so straightforward?

It is often a simple variance that can be adjusted. From understanding the correct positioning and attachment, to expressing and sterilising, together we can apply my professional knowledge and expertise to the challenges you face so that you can be assured your baby is feeding well.

After a caesarean section, I can demonstrate alternative positions for breastfeeding that help to alleviate pain. In cases of a slow let-down reflex, sensitivity and pain, engorgement or cracked nipples, I can propose options to induce relief, reducing stress, and enabling you to enjoy loving and intimate moments with your baby.


We can also use these consultations to review the purpose of the growth curve, weigh your baby and look at where your baby is situated in relation to milestones. I can highlight daily observations that you can make yourself to reassure you that your baby is getting everything he/she needs to grow.

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Consultation at your home: £60/hr

Call & Video Call: £45/hr

Home consultations package of  3 hours : £160

During the consultation period* my ongoing advice remains available via email and telephone

* Assistance beyond the first 3 weeks: £1/min_first 5 minutes free

appointments for packages are Monday to Friday only unless otherwise arranged

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