Parental Guidance


Integrating a baby born prematurely into the family home, particularly after an extended stay in hospital, can leave you with a mixture of joy and anxiety. With careful preparation and planning I can provide you with expert advice and recommendations to leave you feeling confident about caring for your baby. Our purpose will be to establish your own routine and to create an environment where your baby can thrive and where you can refine your role as a parent. 


This support can be adapted to your specific needs for example, in cases of families with multiple births.


Development and Care


You will want to know how to provide everything your baby needs for growth and development. I can explain the principles and techniques of developmental care; the wrapped or swaddled bath, the benefits of skin to skin contact, temperature control, the possible alternatives to breastfeeding exclusively if your baby tires, and management of reflux.


We can re-assess and re-adapt our focus during each consultation according to you and your baby’s preferences.

Lactation AID Method

Using the lactation AID for supplementing can be a good option in helping with breastfeeding. I offer manufactured lactation Aids which are easier to use in some situations, but not necessarily.
Depending my expertise, I explain benefits and I show you how to use it.


Weight and Monitoring the Infant Growth Curve


Concern about the growth curve. Parents often focus on the growth curve and their baby’s potential to progress in parallel with milestones. If you are apprehensive about weight gain, we can review the growth curve, its purpose, and look at where your baby is situated in relation to milestones. This is an opportunity to further explore feeding, activity, temperature control, and your baby’s metabolism.



Consultation at your home: £60/hr

Call & Video Call: £45/hr

Home consultations package of  3 hours : £160

During the consultation period* my ongoing advice remains available via email and telephone

* Assistance beyond the first 3 weeks: £1/min_first 5 minutes free

appointments for packages are Monday to Friday only unless otherwise arranged


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