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  Baby Spa Experience 

Developed by Sonia Krief, this therapeutic bath is such a

 special time out of control. 

Through this bath, your baby will share with us his memories of pregnancy and birth.


Baby Cool

That’s it, baby is here! I will help you gain confidence in your skills as young parents. I will answer all of your questions, from the birth to the first years of life.
Trained in baby massage and sling  babywearing, I will be happy to share my expertise with you


Mother support

Tick-tock tick tock… baby is on the way. You want to be as ready as possible for the birth.

New mum, you may feel overwhelmed: your well-being comes first.


Becoming a Dad

New and future dad,

Daddy daddy cool will become your favorite song.


Premature babies

Baby born preterm needs specific care.
I will be by your side to encourage and celebrate every step of your baby’s development.



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Parent and Child support

If you wish to call on my services, we will be a close-knit team working towards a common goal.

Here are the steps I follow during my consultation.

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Baby Spa Experience 

Are you ready to share a unique experience with your newborn?

Feel free to contact me during your pregnancy we will prepare it together,

 This experience will become such one of your first magical time

Terms & fees


Video and call consultation


Home visit

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Qui suis-je ?

About me

Passionate about perinatal care, I have been working as a paediatric nurse for 15 years. I have practiced in Paris, London, and currently in Dubai.


I began my career in neonatal intensive care, caring for premature infants. Later, I worked as a coordinator in the Parisian perinatal health network before taking on the role of Head of nursery.


I have had the privilege of undergoing various training programs, such as baby massage, babywearing, and the specific Therapeutic Baby Bath® program, which I am delighted to offer to Dubai families!


Thanks to this rich experience, I have become the  Head of Baby Care at the prestigious postnatal retreat at Mandarin Oriental® Dubai.

Also, I am frequently sought after as an early childhood expert to write articles, participate in video productions, and teach within early childhood education programs. Over the past few years, both Parents magazine and brands like MustelaJoone, Né à, and Eve & Rose have entrusted me to engage with their parenting communities.


As a young mum, I developed B comme Baby in accordance with my beliefs, but especially with you in mind.


B comme Baby is about living your most beautiful adventure together!

Check out my overview in video here 

To know more about my diplomas and training

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"We had a few video calls with Marie during the lockdown to discuss general topics around our 4 week old baby. She was very good to support us in finding our feet (and our way) on sleep, feeding and other topics. It's been great to have her virtually around.

Many thanks!"


We trust each other

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