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Becoming a Dad


Finding My Place as a Dad

You are the most important support your partner has but you feel uninvolved. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of ‘dad’ who has a myriad of roles, central to the wellbeing of their partner and baby. Engaging actively with baby’s routine is just as important for dad.


Let’s find the occasions when you can become the caregiver and feel secure in the knowledge that your child needs you too.


Bonding with
Your Baby

Your child is breastfed, you have less interaction with your baby and you feel frustrated.

​In addition to the care you are already providing, there are other moments in your baby’s day where you can get up close and personal.


I can demonstrate the techniques and discuss the benefits of skin to skin contact, baby massage and bathing your baby, to ensure that you maximise opportunities to create intimate moments for you and your baby to bond naturally.


Hands on Caregiving

Do you lack confidence in your ability to provide safe care for your baby?

Teaching you the safest practices to provide daily care for your baby is my speciality. You will quickly become confident bathing, changing, and playing with your baby rewarding you with unforgettable moments of happiness.

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